Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cover art for
'Mouette' a film by Kristian Butler:

End of Year Exhibition
(1st Year Contemporary Crafts)

'Seconds' (2010)
-Slip cast, white earthenware tea cups
Dedicated to all my family

'Fubble' (2010)
-Acrylic, nylon and cotton thread
Dedicated to the Webber Ladies
Fubble - The bubble like feeling you get in your stomach when you are overwhelmed with a love for Falmouth.

There is a creature of the night that dwells in the vegetable patches of the country. To gardeners that come into contact with them they are pests, but to the lucky children that manage to capture and tame them they are the;

'Vegmunchers' (2010)
-Glass, earth and wheelbarrow
Dedicated to Kristian Butler