Monday, 19 December 2011

My first piece in my final year of Contemporary Crafts! This was produced for a brief given by Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. It was in the hopes that some of the work produced by us students will be displied as part of the Sinopticon exhibtion going on display at the end of April. Sinopticon is a project put together by a group of artists that produce work based around the theme of Chinoiserie.

Plymouth Museum and Gallery:

Sinopticon Project:

- Painted Concrete Block and Porcelain
- overall dimensions of whole piece, 120mm by 200mm by 300mm

Porcelain was one of Chinas most prized commodities in the 16th century due to its unique strength and whiteness. The Imperial courts realised its value so had tight control over the industry and kept it a secret from the rest of the world. Rhiannon has visualised this idea by representing the courts as concrete blocks oppressing the porcelain. However, the porcelain is holding up the weight of the blocks proving its strength despite its teetering, delicate appearance.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hannah Batstone and I won a compotion, through University College Falmouth, to work with The Western Morning News. We had to come up with a design for trophies awarded at the papers Buisness Design Awards that took place on the 17th November 2011, however there was one constraint, they wanted it to be a clock. There was lots of re-working of the design but once it was settled Adam Stringer, one of the University technitions and Buisness Co-ordinator, did an amazing job producing the 14 award trophies, with a little help from us. It was a brief project but a good chance to colaborate with lots of different people and work in a professional environment. Here are a few photos of the working process and the final product...